CV Erika Bulters

Relevant work experience:
I have 6 years of work experience as an instructor and team trainer for people who train their own assistance dog. With lots of passion, I coach teams (student + assistance dog) towards a qualitatively high level of cooperation, aiming to increase the independence and self-help. 

Many teams have been trained by me as a team trainer employed by “Stichting De hond kan de was doen” and in the past three years as an independent entrepreneur, commissioned by another Assistance Dog Foundation and by Assistance dogs School The Click. Besides, I have worked for ten years as a qualified behavioural therapist and certificated instructor for dogs and I regularly provide workshops about canine behaviour for both the commercial and the private market.

Relevant education:
Problematical behaviour in dogs (Van Hall), Canine behaviour advice and coaching in practice (Van Hall), General Education (O&O), Dog Handling (O&O), Cynological Knowledge 1 (Raad van Beheer = ±Dutch Kennel Club), Seminar Bridge & Target and Perception Modification, Bach courses 1 and 2 at the International Educational Centre in Harderwijk.