By the health insurer
As per 1 January 2006, ADL-dogs and signal dogs come under the Care Insurance Act and are provided by the health insurer. Seizure dogs and assistance dogs for people with a psychiatric condition do not come under this arrangement.

In order to be able to follow our team coaching programme, a medical and a practical indication are required.
  • When both indications are positive, the decision lies with your health insurer.
  • During the intake (by telephone) you are asked to settle the medical indication. This may be an occupational therapist’s report or a medical certificate from an attending doctor.
  • The therapist or doctor should indicate the additional value of the use of an assistance dog.
  • Then, an appointment is made for the practical indication, which will be performed by BultersMekke. During this interview, it is considered and discussed whether the team coaching programme can be successful for both parties.
  • You can leave the medical indication at home up to the practical indication interview. The instructor will take the forms with him and, together with the practical indication, send these to your health insurer.
  • Within the foreseeable future, you will hear whether your application is granted by your health insurer. The health insurer especially considers whether the costs of care decrease by the placement of an assistance dog and whether there aren’t any other, cheaper aids to solve the mobility problems.
  • Is the answer positive, then further arrangements are made regarding the team coaching programme.

Other sources
If you are not eligible for this financing, or you do not want to depend on this, you can also directly hire us for this intensive team coaching programme. You may either yourself pay the financing or have yourself sponsored by, for example, people and companies in your environment.

If you are interested to further exchange views, then please contact us.