CV Joop Mekke

Relevant work experience:
I have 6 years of experience as an instructor with “Stichting Hulphond” (Assistance Dog Foundation), of which 3 years as client care manager. During this period, I was responsible for:
  • The set-up and implementation of a training course for seizure dogs
  • The set-up and implementation of a training course for a home training programme at applicant’s home.
  • Jointly setting up a project for the training of applicant-owned dogs.
Ample experience in the coaching of people towards more independence from a nursing background.
Many years’ experience as a behavioural therapist for problem dogs or dog problems.
Employed as a behavioural therapist by the animal shelter in 's- Hertogenbosch and working for Tinley, cynological consultancy.
Active with my own dog as a care dog team, in nursing home settings.

Relevant education:
Problematic behaviour in dogs (Van Hall), Canine behaviour advice and coaching in practice (Van Hall), Client-based advice (van Hall), Trained as a psychiatric nurse. Various workshops and participated 5 times in the annual 3-day ADEu meetings for affiliated Assistance Dog Schools in Europe. (Assistance Dogs Europe).